Thursday Tidbits

December 6, 2018


Winter Program (PreK-12th)

Next Thursday, Dec. 13th at 6:00 p.m.



A note from our School Nurse - School Health Advisory Council Meeting (SHAC): 1st semester meeting on Wednesday, 12/12 in Polo R-VII Library at 3:30pm. All members of the School Health Advisory Council are invited. Parents and other community members are welcome, and encouraged to participate. SHAC is a diverse group of individuals who represent the council from a multidisciplinary background, and participation in SHAC is encouraged by Polo community members. The meetings benefit the school by having a review of current health care programs and policies, while providing the opportunity to work with the school to develop, implement, monitor, and revise as necessary our School Wellness Plan.

                       Fourth grade will be doing their annual Christmas sales from December 3rd through December 14th.  Order forms will be sent home next week.  This activity is the culmination of our economics unit.  Students learn key concepts and utilize their knowledge to create, promote, and sell their products.  The proceeds are then used on a field trip of the student's choosing. Thank you for helping with this event's success!!!