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What can I do as a parent to help my child become a better reader?

Research shows that parent involvement and encouragement can make a dramatic difference in a child’s success at reading and learning. Here are a few suggestions to help encourage your child to be an active reader:

• Encourage your child to read anything and everything in and around your home (newspapers, magazines  books,  instructions, recipes, etc.) Let your child see you reading.

• Take your child to the library and let him/her choose books that are of interest

 Encourage your child to talk to you about the book she/he is reading (in school or independently).

– What do they like or what don’t they like about the book?

– What are the characters like?

– What do they think is going to happen next?

– What do you imagine the character or setting looks like?   

-Were you surprised by anything in the book?

– Did you predict anything that happened?

Read a book with your child or get two copies of the same book and share your thoughts with each other as you make your way through the book.

If possible, set up a quiet and well-lit reading area in your home.

• Celebrate your child’s success when a new or challenging book is completed . Make reading an important part of your life. The example you set for your child can have a dramatic effect on your child’s love for reading and success in learning.

How to be a Better Reader?

1. Read

2.  Read

3 Read

4. Read

5. Read

6. Read

7. Read

8. Read

9. Read

10. Read

In reading everyone needs to focus on using Reading Strategies to help them become... EXPERT READERS!!

  • We can use them as tools to really understand and analyze what we are reading. Here’s  a strategy list for each type of text:
  •  Using prior knowledge
  • Re-Reading
  • Using Context Clues to figure out unknown words
  • Ask questions/ go back and find the answers
  • Make Connections (Self, World, Text)
  • Analyze pictures and diagrams
  • Go back to the certain parts that you don't understand/ clarify
  • Use text features to organize information
  • Look for definitions or footnotes at the bottom of the page

Reading Week Top Readers  in Each Classroom

Madelaine  & Emery  in Kindergarten

Gavin  & Megan in 1st Grade

Hanna, Addie  & Aden in 2nd Grade

Chloe & Justin in 3rd Grade

Jenee & Da"Sean in 4th Grade

Halley & Jennica in 5th Grade

Aaron in 6th Grade